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      Shareholders Meeting, Year of 2019
      Date 9 AM,June 12,2019

      No.18,Beiyuan Road,Jhongli District, Taoyuan City,Taiwan.


      I.Reported Items

      (1)The Business Report for the fiscal year 2018

      (2)Report on Audit Committess's Review Report for the fiscal year 2018

      (3)Report on Compensation to Directors and Employees for the fiscal

      year 2018

      II.Ratification Items:

      (1)Adoption of the Business Report and Financial Statements for the

      fiscal year 2018

      (2)Adoption of the proposal for distribution of 2018 profits

      III. Election Item: Election of the 6th Term of Directors

      IV. Discussion Items:

      (1) To revise the Articles of Incorporation

      (2) To revise the Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Asset

      (3) To revise the Procedures for Director Elections

      (4) To revise the Operational Procedures for Loaning Funds to others

      (5) To revise the Procedures for Endorsements and Guarantees

      (6) To approve the proposal of cash distribution from capital surplus

      (7) To approve the release of non-competition restrictions for Directors

      V.Special Motions


      Shareholders Meeting Date Meeting Notice Procedure Manual Annual Report Proceedings
      Year of 2019 2019/6/12
      Information of Shareholders' Meeting
      Material Information and Announcement
      Material Information Stock Code: 6405
      MOPS Stock Code: 6405
      Service for Shareholders
      Service Agent

      KGI Securities

      Add:5F, No. 2, Sec. 1. Chongqing S. Rd., Taipei City


      Contact Window for Investor Relation
      ONANO Stock Dealing

      Dept.of Service - Ms. Lee

      E-Mail:  ir@onano-nm.com