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      • Message Channels
      • Onano & Partners
      • Contact Information
      • Ethical Misconduct Reporting

      As part of CSR and sustainable development, we apply multi-channels to communicate with stakeholders on a real-time basis.


      Subjects Channels
      • Labor relations and benefits
      • Talent education and training
      • Labor safety and health



      • Website
      • Welfare committee
      • Suggestion mailbox for President
      • Employee feedback box
      • Labor conference
      • Product quality and responsibility
      • R&D
      • Customer relationship management
      • Satisfaction survey
      • Client audit
      • Production and marketing networking
      • Supplier management
      • Labor health and safety
      • Hazardous substance management
      • Visit
      • Supplier audit



      • Financial standing
      • R&D
      • Governance




      • Website
      • Financial report
      • Shareholder's service
      • Annual shareholder's meeting
      • Corporate shareholder's visit 
      • Waste management


      • Official symposium and seminar
      • Public hearing、training
      • Social presence
      • Public welfare
      • CSR
      • CSR mailbox
      • Non-profit organization
      • Website


      Managing suppliers

      Onano adheres to sustainable policy, that is, “Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving and Carbon Reducing Product Policy,” and this policy set out our plans to introduce practices to our entire supply chain, while still maintaining the high quality of our products. All suppliers are required to agree to these stringent terms based on this policy. Collaborative relationships will be terminated anytime soon once misconduct of CSR or acts against integrity are reported.


      In addition, all suppliers have to be qualified according to the below:

      • Supplier qualification: ISO14001, RC14001 or other correlated certificates to demonstrate capability of managing hazardous substance 
      • Bid contractor qualification: OHSAS18001 to ensure labor hygiene and safety is properly observed as the 1st priority to reduce operation cost and risk
      • Waste disposal qualification: Class A License to ensure waste disposal is properly and legally taken care of. Whereabouts of disposed waste is 100% transparent.


      Customer Service

      Since founded, we have continuously devoted to internal management and upgraded service quality. We continue to be the leading service provider for our customized etching recipes, self-own operation procedures and cutting-of-the-edge manufacturing flow which are exclusive for individual customer. This explains our superior performance among customers' satisfaction. 

      • One-stop manufacturing service
      • 24 HR nonstop
      • Sufficient and professional customer service staff
      • Competent quality management and inspection facilities to monitor/control products quality
      • Immediate communication and feedback of product information
      • immediate and adequate manufacturing capacity


      Aware of significance of corporate ethical codes,Onano will always exercise due care of a good administrator to supervise any parties having business relationship with us. Any collaborative relationships will be terminated anytime soon once misconduct of CSR or acts against integrity are reported.

      Below is our list of major channels for stakeholders communication:

      • Spokesman:

      Jerry Huang General Manager




      • Deputy Spokeswoman

      Wein Hsu Vice General Manager




      • Customers

      Contact info: Mr. Chang

      Tel:(03)433-5831 Ext:302




      • Employees

      Internal webpage

      Internal mailbox


      • CSR mailbox



      • Stock Agent

      KGI Securities

             Add:5F, No. 2, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Taipei City 



      • Investors Relations

      Service:Ms. Lee



      Onano is committed to ethical business practices and we take allegations of ethical misconduct in our business dealings seriously. Please report any instances of alleged ethical misconduct using the information below.


      Reporting Subjects

      The following issues are included, without limitation :

      • Receiving unlawful payment from a supplier, customer or other third party
      • Using their position to obtain unlawful profits, directly or indirectly
      • Bribing or attempting to bribe a government official
      • Using their position to extort property from others
      • Misappropriating or stealing equipment or other property


      Ethical misconduct reporting principles:

      • Onano will take all legal measures to maintain the confidentiality of all personal information and any information that isn't otherwise publicly available.
      • Reports of ethical misconduct must be based on a good faith belief of wrongdoing. Reports made without a good faith belief may result in personal liability to the person making the report.
      • While reports may be made anonymously, Onano encourages anyone making a report of ethical misconduct to include their name and contact information to support a thorough investigation.
      • Reports which are made anonymously will be investigated appropriately, based on the the seriousness of the report and the likelihood of confirming the allegation from other verifiable sources.


      Please provide the following information in all ethical misconduct reports:

      • Your name and contact information (phone or email) are optional, but preferred
      • Your relationship to Onano — vendor, customer or other
      • The name(s) of Onano's employees or agents, or third parties, involved in the allegation
      • Dates and times when the alleged misconduct took place
      • Any other information you think may be useful to investigate the allegation


      How to file a report:

      By emailing:moral@onano-nm.com