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        Onano Summary

      Since founded in July 2004, Onano Industrial Corp. (below OIC) has continued to be the leading service provider for opto-electronic glass slimming. As the 1st established firm in Taiwan specialized in slimming process for opto-electronic glass, OIC offers total solutions including slimming, polishing and film coating services for TFT-LCD, OLED, solar cell glass etc. As evidenced, we are committed to satisfying and even surpassing customer expectations to meet the current mainstream trend “light and slim.”One can find miscellaneous fields that opto-electronic glass can be applied, for example, in portable consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablets, ultra-thin laptops and so on. In addition, slimmed opto-electronic glass enables an upgrade of end-product specifications together with fulfilling functional design and aesthetic purposes.

      OIC keeps leading this industry by processing techniques as well as by manufacturing capacity. We have proprietary chemical recipe, facility design know-how and concrete partnership with major display makers. OIC will spare no efforts in sophisticating next-generation slimming technology to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment of opto-electronic industry. Striving for a sustainable operation and development in the meantime, OIC will continue to undertake the responsibility in customer's satisfaction and social presence.