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      2004.07 Onano founded in Neihu Industrial Zone, Taipei City

      2005.07 R&D facilities built up to perform precise etching and slimming

      2006.05 Mass production facilities established

      2006.07 ISO 9001 certified

      2007.01 ISO 14001 certified

      2009.03 QC 080000 certified

      2009.12 OHSAS 18001 certified

      2010.05 Fuzhou plant constructed, stepped into mass production phase in July 2010

      2011.10 Zhongli plant started

      2012.10.16 IPO

      2012.12.19 Registered in OTC 

      2013.10 Onano awarded the Prize of Innovative Company in Taoyuan City

      2013.11.28 Listed on TAIEX

      2014.10 Onano awarded the Prize of Outstanding Quality Service in Taoyuan City

      2015.01 Film coating process for single G5 0.15mm glass launched

      2015.02 Film coating process for single G4.5 0.15mm glass launched

      2015.05 Manufacturing process for high gloss anti-glare glass launched

      2015.06 Defect removing technique launched

      2015.09 Anisotropic chemical etching agents developed

      2015.12 Fuzhou plant disposed

      2016.03 Manufacturing process for new anti-glare glass launched

      2017.01 Reinvested Atomic Craft corporation

      2017.07 Etching solution analysis technique launched