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        Social Presence

      Not limiting ourselves by business operation which enables a more convenient and advanced life, we are fully committed as well to futuristic sustainability including social responsibility and local daily care service. Below you will find where our social presence is:  

      • To advocate working-out atmosphere

      As part of propaganda and sponsor of 8th Asia Pacific Deaf Games Taoyuan 2015, we believe that this event could help build a sound and robust mind/body balance, to lead a spiritually and physically healthy life.

      • To contribute funds to help relieve the devastating gas explosion

      We have contributed funds to give assistance to those wounded in this tragedy, hoping to alleviate those sufferings and aid their physical and mental rehabilitation. 

      • To provide care to those disadvantaged

      We regularly donate food, daily materials to social welfare institutes in a hope to be part of this social service and public interest. 

      • To cultivate sports talents

      From a realistic and long-term point of view, we devote to helping schools, without sufficient fund to equip themselves with proper training facilities, build up their own team so as to nurture promising talents for our country.

      • To promote employment opportunities for physically and mentally handicapped

      For a long time, we have been dedicated to supporting those in need and to assisting them return to the society, eventually helping them to be self-reliant and fulfill self-actualization.  

      • To be in favor of localized agriculture

      Every year, nonstop, when special moments come closer, we order the best fresh seasonal produce from domestic farmers and gift to our employees and customers. We always turn our thoughts into practices to popularize good food and minds.